Pre-portrait tips and advice

Thank you for booking your portrait sitting with us, we look forward to creating a beautiful collection of portraits for you and your family.

Grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of wine, whichever your preference, and take a 5min break to read these important and frequently asked questions… there are also some useful tips to consider.

Part one; what to expect and the process:

Appointment one; portrait sitting:

Portrait sittings usually take approximately an hour; newborn shoots sometimes take a little longer.

At the end of your portrait sitting, we will go through our price list and Collections to show the products we have available to you.
You can then go home to think about what you would like to order, before coming back to view your portrait collection.
It is worth thinking about some of these as fantastic gifts for other family members, should this be something you are considering.

IMPORTANT: Please assure you arrive for your appointment on time, so we get the full session to concentrate on your portraits. This really is important as we have structured appointments booked throughout the day.

What can you do to help?

Another chance to sit down with a cuppa here, whilst you watch Sarah do her photography thing. Sometimes there are occasions where she will need interaction or help from you, and she will ask, if needed, for you to jump in and help out.   Apart from that, you get to sit down and watch the giggles and smiles happen.

Another thing to take into consideration is with breast-feeding Mums- sometimes your little one can smell your milk if you are close by and they can be unsettled, so having Dad or another family member/friend on hand is useful to help out and for hug breaks. Hug breaks rock!

What happens if my toddler/baby is crying?

This does happen sometimes and cannot be helped; we all have our off days. It’s not a problem though as we’ll simply rebook another appointment.

It’s not recommended to have portraits the same day as having jabs or if your child is under the weather; we want to capture your child at their best, so a re-schedule or an add-on mini-session is sometimes necessary so we can provide you with a beautiful collection and personalised slideshow to enjoy at your viewing.

The in-between bit:
This is where we work our magic behind the scenes, taking the time necessary to carefully create a personalised portrait collection tailored to you.

Part two; what to bring:

If your child has a favorite toy then please do bring anything that could be used as a prop, or even simply to make them feel comfortable.

It’s always a great idea to bring a few of their toys so they don’t get bored.

Teddies, blankets (especially any blankets that have been knitted for them, as they make beautiful presents when featured in a photograph) scans, anything with their name on etc. Bring anything you would like to bring.

We do have props at the studio, although bringing some of your own makes it more personal to you.

Part three; what to wear:

Please avoid wearing anything white as our main background is white. You wouldn’t disappear but it tends to look a touch bland. Complimentary tones and styles always adds a touch of awesome, it’s the little things that make a lot of difference. Check with each other beforehand and make sure no one is going to clash. You’re always welcome to bring a change of clothes for variety.

Avoiding white again please for when we use our main backdrop. Bright clothes work well and bringing a change of clothes for them is always a good idea to create a different look. It’s also worth thinking about complimentary tones and styles to coordinate with the parents if we are shooting some family together shots.

Baby portraits are mostly taken with nappy on.   So, if you have any nappy covers, please bring them. We do have some spares at the studio, just in case. White is also fine, it’s only to cover the nappy. White blankets, teddies are also fine for baby shoots.

Part four; how to prepare & useful tips:

It’s a great idea to tell them where they’re going and create excitement. It can sometimes be a bit scary for little people, but once they arrive, they usually relax. If they are a little shy, that’s fine, they can have a look around and get used to the place whilst we’re making you tea and coffee.

Sweets are a great bribe for some children, but I do ask if we can resist until the end of the portrait sitting.

We reward with our stickers and sweets, where allowed, at the end of each session.

It’s a good idea to bring your baby in a baby grow, as most portraits are in nappies (with nappy covers if you have any or we can provide), so if they dislike getting undressed, it minimizes them getting upset.

Feeding; if you’re not breast-feeding, please bring a spare bottle with you, just in case we need a little break. Try to time the sitting with regard to feeding and napping so we have a happy baby. Understandably this is not always possible!

Sleep; it’s great to time the sitting after your baby has had a sleep if this is when they are at their happiest. If babies are still asleep when you arrive, this is fine, and we’ll make sure they are warm and snug.

Newborn babies 0-2 weeks usually sleep throughout the sitting. We still create a beautiful variety of portraits and if they wake up, we shoot some awake portraits also.

Dummies; if your baby uses a dummy please bring it with you, as they are great soothers in-between shots.

Nails; you may choose to not be in the portraits, but your hands may be. So please make sure you’re happy with your nails. Maybe use this as an excuse to treat yourself to a manicure! If you don’t have time, clear nail vanish looks great too.

We will call you for a brief chat before your appointment. Just to introduce ourselves and check if there are any details we need to know.

Appointment two: Collection viewing:

At the end of your portrait sitting, we’ll book another appointment for you and your family to come back and view your portraits with a personalised slideshow created for you- all rather exciting stuff!!

You are more than welcome to bring anyone else to the viewing, sometimes bringing the Grandparents is a great idea, unless of course you are thinking about surprise gifts for them.

Your order:
We turn orders around as quick as possible.
Orders can take up to 28 days, depending on which products are chosen.

Important stuff:

We are here….

1A Consort Court, High Street, Fareham, Hants. PO16 7AP.


Tesco’s is a great place to park. You only have to spend £3 in store to take advantage of free parking and it is only a 5-minute walk to the studio.

This is most convenient if you have more than one child and things to carry!

Civic Offices situated at the end of the High Street, by the Golden Lion pub is another alternative.

Our terms and conditions:

Booking fee:
There is a booking fee of £10 for weekday appointments and £25 for Saturday appointments. This is refundable against orders placed at your viewing, providing all appointments are kept. We have to have this in place to minimise last minute cancellations or people not even showing up without letting us know!!

Appointments do fill pretty quickly, and there are limited spaces available, especially for Saturdays.

We require 48 hours notice to cancel any upcoming appointments.