Why are having family portraits around the house important for your child?

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Why are having family portraits around the house important for your child?

Family portraits are more important for your child than you may realise.

Photography of your children on the wall in your home can help your child to feel valued as a person, as well as helping to give them an understanding of where they belong.

Professor Geoff Beattie, head of Psychological Science at the University of Manchester says, “photographs keep us linked to others and gives a sense of belonging. Particularly for children when they see a photo of themselves high up on a wall. It’s all part of the socializing process.”

“These photographs help them learn who they are and where they fit into the family. By displaying photos around the house of your child at different stages of their life, it suggests that we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them and what they have achieved so far.”

Today, children are often pressured by the expectations set by society, social media and even their friends. Social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram are the biggest issues for children’s self image problems: young girls believe they should have beautiful hair and tiny waists, and boys think they should have a perfect smile and a six-pack, however no one is perfect.

This is why photographs are so important to have. They remind us of memories but should also be used to teach your child that they are perfect the way they are and should never doubt themselves.

A lot of research has been done into why portraits are so important, photographs that were in a parents home as they were growing up influences how many they display in their own home of their children. A survey questioning 1,000 parents in the UK found that 78% of those keep 5 to 20 photos around the house, whereas the other 22% have few to none due to their parents not having many in their house as they grew up – this may damage your child’s self-esteem as they mature.

Members outside of a family may see a families portraits as a nice photo of everyone together, however to the family and the photographer they are seen as a symbol of the love, growth and care within that family, and displaying them on a wall gives it more meaning. To a child, seeing their face in a happy, smiley family portrait in their home is like seeing their parents putting that first ever drawing they did at school one-day put up high on the fridge. It gives that child the boost in their confidence they may need and helps them to feel proud of that drawing. The same way a photograph makes them feel proud to be a part of that family, and reminds them how “home is where the heart is.”

One day your child may look back at the photos and feel lucky that they got the chance to create such amazing memories and keep them forever. It teaches them to never take family for granted, and they will recognise how much hard work and sacrifice you as a parent put in to raising them well. These photos represent so much more to your child than you think. They are personal symbols of the love and care in that home.

Each and every photograph tells an amazing story that brings people closer together, such as parents and children. They show a child how much they have changed but also how their family is still the same. Portraits bring many emotions to people as well as taking them down memory lane and children will be thankful for who they are, realise that they are where they belong and feel that value in their life.

So, how do portraits help a child?

They feel a sense of joy every time they look at the photos that they’ll cherish forever, with the people who have loved them unconditionally since the very start because they’ve learnt that they are worth something much more than they thought.

Written by Ruby Childs

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    Beautifully written Ruby . You’re an amazing young lady . we are all so very proud of who you have become .

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